About Us

Hostingraft is created to help Website owners find the best hosting company for their website. We are a small team of IT specialists dedicated to helping people with their web hosting and website needs. We here to provide guidance in building their online infrastructure and presence.

We strive to reinforce the selection of choices from a wider range of quality online services vital for any internet endeavor. If you miss anything on our site just please let us know, we are always receptive to your feedback or suggestions.

In nowadays technology world the web hosting service could be a vital piece of a digital business mosaic. Hostingraft may contain various articles tutorials, reviews, and guides that we believe will help our visitors in their decisions.

It is imperative to say that our site wouldn’t be here if not for the work and efforts of our dedicated programmers, designers, authors, editors, web hosting experts, and marketers. We consider the network of our contributors to be equally important to the popularity and success of our mission.

Man Behind Hostingraft.com

Fd Shakil is the founder of Hostingraft. He’s been explored the field of web hosting, web design & developing with over 5 Years of Experience. In-depth Knowledge about the Hosting plus Blogging. He likes to help fellow bloggers and webmasters around the globe by sharing his knowledge and expertise, whenever he can!

Our Review Process:

Our website Hostingraft.com might not include the whole universe of hosting and blogging related offers because we only recommend those services that we personally use. We never recommend any web hosting companies without researching and testing it for genuine results that is why we execute routine tests for those providers who are already in business.

All web hosting services are reviewed based on our personal experience with them with some of the key factors considered while reviewing is mentioned below:

• Is the web host’s uptime reliable and pretty much as good as guaranteed?
• How easy is that the website/blog set up process with the host?
• How fast is the server response time?
• How reasonable is the plan pricing and if any longer discounts available?
• How good is their customer support?
• How user-friendly is the web host’s control panel?
• Are there any free goods offered and how useful are they?
• How popular is the web host and what’s the speak about it in the industry?
• Are timely back-ups provided by the online host?
• What premium safety features are offered by the host?

Our Missions

Our goal is for you to search out the best hosting company for your web site. We would be very happy to deal with any longer queries and review requests you have got on web hosting. You can just drop us a fast message here.

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